When the scale doesn’t show your hard work

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. 
~ Colin Powell, former U.S. Defense Secretary

SW: 162.7 lbs
WEEKLY WEIGH-IN: 150.2 lbs
LOSS: 0 lbs
Overall loss= 12.5 lbs

I’ve always been a scale watcher. As I have been working out consistently over the last 4 years, I have learned from some fantastic coaches/instructors that the scale is not the end all be all. The only reason I am using weight numbers this time around is to give me something tangible to work towards. It’s hard to say, “I want to lose 25″ over all.” There is no way of determining that. I have since become more fixated on the amount of weight I am lifting. I will never be a body builder/weight lifter, as that is not my goal. I have no desire to become those things. I do, however, want to push myself to lift what is a good weight for me. Before this whole COVID mess, I spent about 1-2 years stuck at doing 10 lb. flies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, if it is right for you, but it was a little disappointing to me that I couldn’t seem to get past it. I was able to fly 12’s close to the beginning of the stay at home orders, but it was a struggle. The last time I did a chest press with a barbell, the most I did was 45 lbs, and I could barely make a minute. Since being home, I have really been trying to up my game. I will try something at least once, if it’s too much, I will go back to where I was, and try again at a later time. There are certain exercises that I have limits on at the moment that I know will take a while to increase my weight. I’m ok with that, but I will at least try to increase weight on most moves. All that to say, I am so proud of myself. Since I threw my back out again a few weeks ago, and had the IT band issue for a few weeks after, I struggled to do any lower body exercises that did not end in pain. So, I have been concentrating on mostly upper body. As of today, I am lifting more that I ever have (Upper body only. I limit myself on lower body due to my back. I have a limit I am comfortable with, and will stay there, although I may alternate the reps, or how I do that particular move, just to change things up). Not a LOT more, but more, and that’s what matters. I’m not trying to be a crazy beast. LOL
This is what improvement and success looks like…it does NOT come from the scale…
When you are discouraged by the number on the scale, just remember that it is only part of your health/fitness equation. If you are walking as your way of fitness, push yourself to go a mile, then a mile and a half, then 2…but, don’t overdo it. You probably won’t go from 1 mile to ten over night. That’s perfectly ok. No reason to go from sitting on your couch to running a marathon, if that’s not your goal. If you are like me, walking is part of my repertoire. I will walk as far as my body will let me, at a pace I can handle. I have absolutely NO desire to run, and I’m ok with that. I will do ME, and not what everyone else is doing. I just make sure that I try to keep my mind on what I can actually do, and not what society says I should.

I feel the exact same way about what I eat. There are SO many diets and “ways of life” out there that YOU have to decide what works best for you. If you NEED to get rid of all sugar, gluten, wheat, processed foods in order to be successful, go for it. I applaud you. That just does NOT work for me, and I refuse to let anyone force me to do so. Nothing says failure like being forced to follow in someone else’s footsteps. I am an “all in moderation” kinda gal. I will have a dessert maybe once a week, I will have a drink once in a while, I will eat a sandwich/burger with bread, I will eat fajitas and tacos with corn tortillas, I will eat breakfast in a microwavable cup, or a veggie/blueberry muffin from Costco. I will do ME, and I will still be successful. I will prove that my way works best for ME. So, I encourage you to DO YOU. Be yourself, and you will NOT fail.

“We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work(ing out)*, instead of the quality of time we put in.”
~ Ariana Huffington, businesswoman and author
*My addition.

You cannot be successful by eating one healthy meal a day, or working out once a week. You have to set your mind on your health, and your success. You are important to SO many people, so YOU need to be important to YOU.


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